Secure Payment & Fraud Protection

For every purchase Vatourra makes we will send you a copy of the receipt. After each payment, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours. To protect your consumer rights you have access to all travel information, such as flight tickets, hotel bookings and so on. No risk of fraud, as long as you choose Vatourra, we provide you with fraud protection. Because you deserve the best security.

Vatourra rating

Of all our destinations, we collect local people as well as travelers evaluations to develop Vatourra ratings. Before you start traveling this will allow you to learn a lot about a city, and when you choose a holiday destination you know what to expect.

Local knowledge

We are committed that all Vatourra travel plans are based on locals experience. Their experience is the most authentic, because they explore these locations their whole lives. Allowing you to visit the most authentic sights. At Vatourra's every plan is very personal and carefully screened. We spend hundreds of hours to guaranty quality. To ensure you experience an unforgettable holiday.