Italy is a classic travel destination, one of the best holiday countries in Europe, the city's, Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, etc. Each city has its own characteristics. Venice is famous for its romantic gondola rides trough the small channels, Florence's has a wonderfully rich history, Milan's the home of fashion, and Rome's is a world famous capital. This is a country of sunshine. When you travel to Italy, it is often accompanied by beautiful sunny weather, great for delicious Gelato (ice cream). The historic architecture, ancient paving, beautiful fields, magnificent mountains, and clear blue lakes. How could you not like it here? The famous Catholic Vatican is also located in Rome and many museums with collections of thousands of historic artifacts and famous works of art. Plus the Italian food, when you get tired, the Italian cuisine will restore all of your energy. Delicious Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, Different authentic Pizzas, Pastas, Seafood, Sausage and Wine. If you like opera, Italy can not be missed. And if you like coffee, remember, do not go to Starbucks. Italy has the best coffee in the world, and coffee bars on every street corner, affordable and pure. There is no Italian who is willing to spend 5 euros to drink Starbucks as they can get it for next to nothing in any cafe.

Top destinations


Rome is the capital of Europe. In Rome, you do not need to look at the map, because there are wonderful sight everywhere, with its ancient architecture. You can just wander and explore the ancient capital of Europe. The famous architecture of the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Colonna Traiana, the Royal Palace and the Museums. If you are traveling to Rome in the summer, do not miss the river in the city center, with vibrant night live, you can wander around the river and visit different food stalls, but also find great restaurants at the river side. The atmosphere is magical. If you are lucky, you can visit the Vatican when the pope has his lecture.


Venice is a pricey city. The main mode of transportation is a boat but you can also explore the narrow streets on foot. There are many Famous Venetian churches, museums, and mask shops. And its restaurant offer a large variety of seafood dishes. You can also spend 80 euros for a romantic boat ride. A once in a life time experience just make sure you go before it is submerged.


This is a fashion city, in this city before you decide to go out, be sure to carefully look at the dressing style, if you dress to casual you might get some frustrated looks on the streets. The weekend will often have fashion Or furniture exhibitions. The city center is filled with luxury jewelry stores, cheap clothing stores and high end fashion boutiques. For great bargains you can visit an outlet villages with huge discounts. It has historic architecture and especially the central cathedral is a must see. Milan is the modern city of Italy. A great change from the history of Rome and Venice.


The city leaves a very warm impression. The city is small, you can travel trough the city on foot, but of course, you can also take a bus. Here is the home of the famous statue of David, which has been copied in many different forms. There is a classic Florentine flower cathedral. Gucci Museum great wine, food, and a endless stream of tourists. A wonderful and charming city.


Venice Carnival

In February, Venice will have a masked carnival party, which is the traditional festival of Venice, which dates back centuries and is one of Italy's largest gatherings and festivals. If you do not worry about spending, you can go to this the traditional masquerade.

Shopping in Milan

If you are in Milan, do not forget to shop, in the discount season, buy your favorite clothes, fashion for cheap. Of course, if you have the budget, you can also go to experience the famous luxury street, or take a bus to the discount village, with a variety of big brands that are out of season.

Explore Rome

Rome is home of the most ancient European architecture, as well as streets. This is a huge city, packed with ancient buildings and attractions. Countless places to get great food and the price is still relatively cheap. You can get around using the tram or the subway.

Try the great food in Florence

Italy has a lot of nice food, but Florence is special, the home of Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, as well as exquisite wine.


Dining -
The price of food in Italy will vary, if you like your own cooking, then visit the surrounding supermarket, then you can save lots of money, you can also get pizza to go for a great prize. In some of the bars you only need to pay for your favorite to drink, and you can get free snacks. But if you want to eat in some well-known restaurants, the cost will be higher, around 50 euros. Some places require you to pay a seat fee, ranging from 2 to 3 euros. Wine in Italy is very cheap, some of the restaurant's wines are only a few euros.

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Rome, Florence, Milan
The Ancient Capital of Rome, The Art of Florence and A Fashion trip to Milan.
13 days
Rome, Pisa, Florence, Milan and Venice art history carnival tour.
Enjoy the warm Sunshine of Italy, The Delicious Italian food, The Carnival and more.
14 days
Milan, Lake Como, Genoa and Turin.
Classic tour of Northern Italy.
11 days
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